Revolutionary Reverse Trading Technique

Forex Trading is a psychological game. Losing money is extremely easy and gaining is tough. We teach you how to lose money in forex trading and every cent lost could make you richer by $100.

Open a demo trading account and trade to lose. You just have to make few mistakes to turn your $500 to zero.

1) Buy High Sell Low
2) Take quick profits and let the losses run. Do not close any trades in loss.
3) Over Trade. Trade 1 to 2 mini lots in each currency pair.

Every forex trader makes the above mistakes and loses his capital. Reason is totally psychological. Now you can also make the above mistakes and start making money.

We assure you that trading mistakes listed above surely make your demo account zero in 1 day to 15 days maximum. When you lose $500 in demo account, your live account will make anything between $500 to Million depending on your investment. We set up the ratio according to the size of the live account. For example if your demo account is of $ 500 and live account is of $2000 we can set up the ratio as 1:4. Theoritically every dollar lost should give you a profit of $4 in live account. Due to difference in buy and sell price the net result could be 20% less. That means in the above case, net profit could be around US$ 1,600. There are thousands of people who lose 100% capital in 1 day. With our reverse trading software you can double your account in 1 day too.

We have explained reverse trading technique and 2 more simple trading strategies in a youtube video. Click here to watch the same

If you wish to buy the system, cost is US$ 200 which includes a small training and one month support. We blow up 2 to 4 accounts of $500 every month. If you wish to link your live account with our demo account, we can let you do so for a fee of $200 a month.